3 Engaging Ideas to Use With Alphabet Slides

One of the first literacy skills kids learn is how to identify the letters of the alphabet. As a primary teacher it is important to reinforce these skills frequently AND have fun activities to lead your students through!

I love using these alphabet slides to introduce the alphabet and take it one step further. The obvious way to use these slides is to put it on your projector and have your kids say each letter to you.  You can do this in as a whole group activity, small group reinforcement, or as an individual assessment too.  I am going to share with you three ways I like to use these in my primary classrooms outside of their basic use!


Write the room is one of my all-time favorite station activities for kids to engage in during a reading block or independent learning time.  They love to get up and walk around the room. I will typically give them a clipboard (which they love!!).  Traditionally you will display pictures with its corresponding word around the room and students will write that word on their recording sheet. One way to challenge your students a bit more with this task is to simply write a letter (or use my letter slides) and tape them around the room.  Tell your students to go to each letter (I wouldn’t do all 26 at the same time) and write down one to three words that begin with that letter.  You can always mix this up to have them write words that end with this letter or have that letter at the end or the word. I prefer to print out these slides because they are cuter and that just makes my teacher heart happy!


This is a whole group activity that I love if we have a few extra minutes before a transition or if I feel like the kids need a little bit of a break!  I would simply pull up these slides and have them tell me a word that starts/ends (or whatever you like) with the letter _____.  You can have this as a chaotic game (which I secretly LOVE) or you can have them turn and tell a partner.  This is a great way for them to put their letter recognition and transfer that to their vocabulary and word fluency.


I like to use anchor charts in my classroom that my students contribute to. Similar to the write the room activities I would print out 2-4 letters that we will focus on for the week and post them around the room.  However, I would then give each student 2-4 post it notes (depending on how many letters you are focusing on). This will be an instant hit because the littles love to use post it notes! It’s seriously magic!! Instruct them to go around to each letter and write a word that starts with that letter (or you can mix it up!)  I just make sure and tell them that they cannot write the same word as another classmate, that way we do not get a ton of repeated words.  I then would bring the kiddos back to my carpet area to go through all the words they come up with! You could adapt this as an online activity by using a Jam Board, Seesaw activity or Google Slide with the letter or slides and have your students do the same.

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