3 Engaging Ideas to Use With Alphabet Slides

One of the first literacy skills kids learn is how to identify the letters of the alphabet. As a primary teacher it is important to reinforce these skills frequently AND have fun activities to lead your students through!

I love using these alphabet slides to introduce the alphabet and take it one step further. The obvious way to use these slides is to put it on your projector and have your kids say each letter to you.  You can do this in as a whole group activity, small group reinforcement, or as an individual assessment too.  I am going to share with you three ways I like to use these in my primary classrooms outside of their basic use!


Write the room is one of my all-time favorite station activities for kids to engage in during a reading block or independent learning time.  They love to get up and walk around the room. I will typically give them a clipboard (which they love!!).  Traditionally you will display pictures with its corresponding word around the room and students will write that word on their recording sheet. One way to challenge your students a bit more with this task is to simply write a letter (or use my letter slides) and tape them around the room.  Tell your students to go to each letter (I wouldn’t do all 26 at the same time) and write down one to three words that begin with that letter.  You can always mix this up to have them write words that end with this letter or have that letter at the end or the word. I prefer to print out these slides because they are cuter and that just makes my teacher heart happy!


This is a whole group activity that I love if we have a few extra minutes before a transition or if I feel like the kids need a little bit of a break!  I would simply pull up these slides and have them tell me a word that starts/ends (or whatever you like) with the letter _____.  You can have this as a chaotic game (which I secretly LOVE) or you can have them turn and tell a partner.  This is a great way for them to put their letter recognition and transfer that to their vocabulary and word fluency.


I like to use anchor charts in my classroom that my students contribute to. Similar to the write the room activities I would print out 2-4 letters that we will focus on for the week and post them around the room.  However, I would then give each student 2-4 post it notes (depending on how many letters you are focusing on). This will be an instant hit because the littles love to use post it notes! It’s seriously magic!! Instruct them to go around to each letter and write a word that starts with that letter (or you can mix it up!)  I just make sure and tell them that they cannot write the same word as another classmate, that way we do not get a ton of repeated words.  I then would bring the kiddos back to my carpet area to go through all the words they come up with! You could adapt this as an online activity by using a Jam Board, Seesaw activity or Google Slide with the letter or slides and have your students do the same.

If you end up using my slides please tag me in your creative ideas on Instagram, I LOVE to see all the creative ideas you come up with! Don’t forget to follow my TPT store so that you can be notified when I add new products or have a sale! Happy Teaching!

Pros & Cons to Distance Learning

Hi all! It’s been a minute since I’ve been on here and wanted to give a quick update on how distance learning has been going! There are pros and cons to this whole thing which I have come to realize! Here are a lists of my pros AND cons to distance learning! (I have also included these gold memes that have been a ray of sunshine in these times)!


  • Wearing sweatpants or leggings EVERYDAY – am I wrong? I really do not like dress pants and love that I can be comfortable everyday!
  • Working from home – It has been nice to work from home and have that few extra minutes to get in a quick chore or go to the bathroom whenever I want!
  • Not packing my lunch!!


  • Planning – need I say more? It has been very challenging to make learning FUN for 1st and 2nd graders online.
  • Not getting to see the kiddos – Let’s be real, this is the BEST part of the job! I miss those interactions with the kids everyday and getting to know them so well!
  • Staring at the screen – again, need I say more.
  • Trying to get young kids to use the computer!

Things are going well considering. I do believe this whole thing is going to make us so grateful to be back in person eventually! ? Check out my Pandemic Teacher Tag Video on Youtube and comment and let me know how you have been doing with distance learning!

5 Ways to Build YOUR Classroom Library

Building your classroom library can be VERY overwhelming and is something that will take time!! When I got hired for my first teaching job EVER I had ZERO books and walked into a classroom with 20 books (most of them were not very interesting). Over the four months of my first teaching job I did collect some books. It wasn’t until I jumped back into my teaching career in 2018 that I began seriously scouring for books!

Here are my five tips for building your classroom library! These are tips for BOTH new teachers and current teachers!

1. Donations – Ask for donations from your friends and family. Chances are they have a few kids books around that their children have outgrown. If you don’t have friends with kids you can always set up an Amazon wishlist to share on your social media with books you would like so that friends and family can purchase them for you!

2. Looks for deals – Go to garage sales, thrift stores, and glue your eyes to Facebook Marketplace! I have scores BOXES of books for $10 or $15 a box with a wide range of topics! I also have a local thrift store that will have 50% off books every few weeks – GO TO THOSE!!

3. Discount Websites – firstbook.com or thriftbooks.com are great resources to fill in those missing books in a series or if you are looking for specific anchor texts. Firstbooks.com offers a GREAT discount to those teachers who teach at qualifying schools.

4. Set up your Scholastic class – Make sure you get a class code with Scholastic so that your children can purchase books and you can earn points towards FREE books! The kids get really excited about the book flyers that will get mailed to your school. I would set up a “class order” about once a month to maximize points!

5. End of the Year Book Challenge – This is my FAVORITE way to grow my classroom library because it is 100% FREE and you are going to get books that kids love reading! Watch my Youtube video below to learn more about how this works in my classroom:

Growing your library will take TIME! I encourage you to be patient and ask for help!! You do not have to purchase every book in your classroom library at full price by yourself! I hope these tips help you!

Back to School 2020

Happy back to school my friends! I hope you have had a great back to school season, whether you are in person, hybrid or fully online. My school is 100% online which I have to be honest has been HARD!!! We have been in session for about a month, although our first week was canceled due to forest fires. So it was a weird start to an already weird way!

Starting at a brand new school, adjusting to the new amount of work, getting to know new students and a new culture is HARD!! I’m sure you are facing some really hard things also!

In some weird way I find comfort that EVERYONE is going through this hard thing together! Everyone is! We need to give grace to everyone! I have found that this situation we are all in has really bonded me to my families, which was one of my biggest concerns because I was going to a new school and didn’t know anyone!

We can do it and we will get through this year. If you need help, prayers, encouragement, reach out to me! I want to be here to support you! You’ve got this! Best of luck!

5 Ways to Make Reading Fun!

Hi friends! Thank you for stopping by this post! Today I am going to share with you my 5 tips for making reading fun for your student! Reading is HARD and there are many kids who get frustrated when they have a hard time learning to read. It is especially important to make sure that you are doing everything you can do for your child or student to encourage them!

You can also check out my YouTube Video by clicking below!

Here are 5 things that I make sure to incorporate in my classroom and that you can try at home!

1) Choice

Allowing your child to have a choice in book is so important! Your child will be so much more motivated to read if they get to chose what they are reading! I love going to thrift stores to stock up on books because I am able to get a picture book for 30 cents!

2) Make a cozy reading space

Make a special place in your child’s bedroom or your living room to be a special reading area! Get some fuzzy pillows, a lamp, rug, whatever your child likes! Who wouldn’t want to read in a cozy area?

3) Reading Tools!

Take advantage of the reading tools out there! There are finger lights, pointers, finger puppets, and so much more! A simple thing may engage your kiddo in ways you couldn’t have imagined!

4) Be animated!

I know it can be pretty draining to read to kids over and over again. However, I want to challenge you to be animated when you read to your child! Use character voices, hand motions, and movement to engage your child!

5) Make reading a part of everyday life!

If you are interested in an at home reading log you can check out my picture reading log on Teachers Pay Teachers by clicking here! I have reading logs for each month that have themed pictures!

I hope this post was helpful for you and that you have some ideas on how to help your child have more fun while reading! Please follow for more Reading Tips and Tricks to come!

Mountain Decor Pack

I am so unbelievably excited to share my newest TPT product with you all! This has been a vision of mine for some time and a labor of love! Last year I wanted to switch up my classroom decor to be a mountain theme. I was inspired from a drive back home from Bend, Oregon and seeing the mountain range as we were driving home. However, I could not find something that met my needs (I didn’t want woodland animals included).

Anyway, that got my wheels turning! I had this vision to create a watercolor mountain pack and I finally have finished it! Here is a preview of the product (there is also a FULL video preview on the TPT listing).

I have included a Welcome to our Classroom sign.
Lastly, I include materials needed to create a birthday wall. I have two letter options for you to create a header and then a page for each month of the year! Quick tip! I love to take photos of the kids on the first day and then print wallet size photos of them for the birthday board. You can also use a Polaroid camera!

I hope you love it!! I would love to see pictures of how you use these products in your classrooms! Please take pictures and send them to my email me or tag me on Instagram! I would love to feature you guys using this product in real life!

Regions of the United States

As you know, I am going through the process of updating my TPT store! It has been so much fun to go back and vamp up these products I love so much! This weekend I was working on my Regions of the United States product. This product was actually an assignment I did for my student teaching experience in 2015!

This was one of my favorite projects in my undergrad because I got to learn so much about the different parts of the country! I grew up in the midwest and we had traveled on the east coast, but the Western half of the country was so new to me! So as I worked on this project I felt like I was able to travel to the west coast! My students absolutely loved these activities and they are great for pulling in nonfiction texts and virtual field trips!

Let me break down what a lesson would look like:

I would introduce the region we were studying. There were 5 regions and we spent 2 days on each region, so this was roughly a 2 week unit! We would complete a KWL chart either as a whole class on anchor chart paper or the students would do it individually in their notebook. Then we would gather information – this looked different for each region, because let’s face it…it would get really boring if we looked in books each time.

  • For one region, my partner teacher and I made a newscast video to teach about the region! It was super fun!
  • We may watch Youtube videos about it to learn more.
  • You could read books!
  • We had a WebQuest for one region (I am working on updating that and creating WebQuests for the other regions!)

After we learned about the region we would complete this worksheet.

Now I realize as educators you may want your students to find different information or may just want something else. So I did create an alternative worksheet that is included for all regions! Here is the alternative worksheet that is avalible:

Again, this is avaliable for all five regions. I love the emptyness of this because it allows you to be creative with it! Some ideas I have off the top of my head are for:

  • Students to draw pictures that represent that region.
  • Find pictures online or in magazines and glue them onto the chart.
  • Write facts about the region in each box (you could even give them specific things to look for).

There are so many directions to go for this! One thing I really like about this project is that it allows students to get used to looking things up online and finding credible sources! I made sure to have a research unit in conjunction to this so the students could learn how to find credible sources and use them appropriately.

You can purchase these regions as individuals, but If you purchase the bundle you will receive this awesome bonus product!

In the bonus product you will have 2 cover options to make packets (I love having a complete unit in packets for students!) You will also have 4 vocabulary picture cards with the terms used in the first worksheets and simple definitions for the students to reference.

As always, if you have any suggestions or want to share how you are using this product in your classroom email me or DM me on Instagram!

Happy teaching!

Summer Sale!!

Hello! I hope you are all having a great start to summer! I have been on break for 2 weeks now and it has been so fun! I got to visit the Oregon Coast with some family! We were at a beach house in Yachats, Oregon and got to spend a few days exploring other sights along the coast! Here are some pictures:

It was gorgeous! As I am looking more towards summer and I am wanting to update some of my TPT products and revamp my store! I am enrolled in Kayse Morris‘ Make Your Mark Course and have been motivate to make sure I am offering you all the highest quality of product I am able to produce!

As I go through and update these products I would like to give back to all of you and offer those products at a discount for a couple of days!

As you can see in the image above I will be offering updated products for 10% off for two days! I hope you will be able to snag some great products for the new school year. The first two products I updated are my Black History Month Report and CVC Word Clip Center, which will be available for discounted prices!

Make sure that you are following me on TPT for updates along with Instagram where I will post about products I am updating throughout the summer! Don’t forget that you can review purchased products on TPT to earn credit to purchase products!!

I hope you are able to find some amazing products for next school year and save a few dollars!


CVC Clip Center

Here is one of my favorite activities to include in centers with primary students. As a first year kindergarten teacher this year one of the things I quickly noticed was how students could not tell me what the beginning, middle, or ending sound of a CVC word was. This may not seem like a big issue, but when we got to reading they had a challenging time sounding out words. We played this game and similar games a lot!! I really don’t thing it is something you can practice too much!

Use a clothespin to have students identify either the beginning, middle, or ending sound of a word.
You can take it a step further and have students identify the beginning, middle, and ending sound!
These are the perfect size to fit in photo storage keepers.


I kept this product pretty simple in terms of the clip art used. Students should not have a problem determining what word may go with the picture. There is also a black and white version included in case you are wanting to save your colored ink!

I have also bundled this product with 2 other center games. Purchasing the bundle actually gives you this item for FREE!

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End of the Year (Distance Learning Style)

The end of the school year is always my favorite! I love how we have our routines down, we have learned a ton, and then we are able to celebrate! It is filled with fun projects and events that are so special! I like to make a big deal and host several games and have fun projects during the last week! Since we are doing school digitally I have had to adapt. I thought I would share some of my end of the year must haves for distance learning!

I am putting everything into one large Point to screen share on Zoom. My co-teacher will manage the questions and hands while I manage the PowerPoint. I used backgrounds I got from Callie Danielle’s Happy Pack and they make the whole presentation so cute! It is only $5 a month and is totally worth it (I AM OBSESSED!!).

This is the slide they will see as they log into Zoom.
Background from Callie Danielle

Digital Memory Book: I love having my students put together a memory book at the end of the year! It is a great keepsake for them. Typically I pair this with a portfolio but the bulk of our work is done the last quarter of school (current day quarantine). I created this memory book as a digital alternative. Simply upload to Google Classroom, or whatever platform you use, and share so your students can edit their own copies! They can type in their answers! They can also print it out if they prefer a paper copy!

Slideshow: Cue the waterworks. I love looking back at pictures from the year and seeing how my students were BABIES and then all of a sudden they have aged a ton (in a good way!!) I try my best to take pictures throughout the year, not a strength of mine, and put together a slideshow in iMovie. I pair it with a song or two that we loved that year!! This year’s song is “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” My students are Disney/Pixar obsessed and I cannot wait to see their reactions, or should I say the parents reactions…. The parents always LOVE the slideshow! I will upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video so parents can share the link to loved ones, a parent who could come, or just keep it! I so wish I could share my slideshow with you all, but obviously I cant.

Awards: These are not your typical awards. I like to focus on character qualities and things that make the students them! Last year was my first year having the kids vote on which award their classmates received and it was a huge hit! To adapt it to present day I created a quick form and then the kids submitted their votes. I used this pack this year (it’s free on TPT!!) This is another great pack (also FREE)! This year I mailed the certificates with a little confetti (sorry parents) to the students and they will open it at our Zoom Awards!

Guess Who – Baby Edition: This is a new game for this year! I asked the parents to email me a photo of their child as a baby and put it together in a slideshow. I am going to have them guess who each baby is and have some fun with it! My co-teacher and I also contributed our baby pictures!! I think it will be a lot of fun!

Mrs. L as a baby!

I hope these ideas were helpful as you come up with some ideas for the end of the school year! I cant’ believe we have done a whole quarter online! It is bittersweet ending the year like this, but I am grateful for the technology we have to still do some of my favorite activities!

I end our presentation with this adorable slide!
Background from Callie Danielle