Back to School 2020

Happy back to school my friends! I hope you have had a great back to school season, whether you are in person, hybrid or fully online. My school is 100% online which I have to be honest has been HARD!!! We have been in session for about a month, although our first week was canceled due to forest fires. So it was a weird start to an already weird way!

Starting at a brand new school, adjusting to the new amount of work, getting to know new students and a new culture is HARD!! I’m sure you are facing some really hard things also!

In some weird way I find comfort that EVERYONE is going through this hard thing together! Everyone is! We need to give grace to everyone! I have found that this situation we are all in has really bonded me to my families, which was one of my biggest concerns because I was going to a new school and didn’t know anyone!

We can do it and we will get through this year. If you need help, prayers, encouragement, reach out to me! I want to be here to support you! You’ve got this! Best of luck!

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