Regions of the United States

As you know, I am going through the process of updating my TPT store! It has been so much fun to go back and vamp up these products I love so much! This weekend I was working on my Regions of the United States product. This product was actually an assignment I did for my student teaching experience in 2015!

This was one of my favorite projects in my undergrad because I got to learn so much about the different parts of the country! I grew up in the midwest and we had traveled on the east coast, but the Western half of the country was so new to me! So as I worked on this project I felt like I was able to travel to the west coast! My students absolutely loved these activities and they are great for pulling in nonfiction texts and virtual field trips!

Let me break down what a lesson would look like:

I would introduce the region we were studying. There were 5 regions and we spent 2 days on each region, so this was roughly a 2 week unit! We would complete a KWL chart either as a whole class on anchor chart paper or the students would do it individually in their notebook. Then we would gather information – this looked different for each region, because let’s face it…it would get really boring if we looked in books each time.

  • For one region, my partner teacher and I made a newscast video to teach about the region! It was super fun!
  • We may watch Youtube videos about it to learn more.
  • You could read books!
  • We had a WebQuest for one region (I am working on updating that and creating WebQuests for the other regions!)

After we learned about the region we would complete this worksheet.

Now I realize as educators you may want your students to find different information or may just want something else. So I did create an alternative worksheet that is included for all regions! Here is the alternative worksheet that is avalible:

Again, this is avaliable for all five regions. I love the emptyness of this because it allows you to be creative with it! Some ideas I have off the top of my head are for:

  • Students to draw pictures that represent that region.
  • Find pictures online or in magazines and glue them onto the chart.
  • Write facts about the region in each box (you could even give them specific things to look for).

There are so many directions to go for this! One thing I really like about this project is that it allows students to get used to looking things up online and finding credible sources! I made sure to have a research unit in conjunction to this so the students could learn how to find credible sources and use them appropriately.

You can purchase these regions as individuals, but If you purchase the bundle you will receive this awesome bonus product!

In the bonus product you will have 2 cover options to make packets (I love having a complete unit in packets for students!) You will also have 4 vocabulary picture cards with the terms used in the first worksheets and simple definitions for the students to reference.

As always, if you have any suggestions or want to share how you are using this product in your classroom email me or DM me on Instagram!

Happy teaching!

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