CVC Clip Center

Here is one of my favorite activities to include in centers with primary students. As a first year kindergarten teacher this year one of the things I quickly noticed was how students could not tell me what the beginning, middle, or ending sound of a CVC word was. This may not seem like a big issue, but when we got to reading they had a challenging time sounding out words. We played this game and similar games a lot!! I really don’t thing it is something you can practice too much!

Use a clothespin to have students identify either the beginning, middle, or ending sound of a word.
You can take it a step further and have students identify the beginning, middle, and ending sound!
These are the perfect size to fit in photo storage keepers.


I kept this product pretty simple in terms of the clip art used. Students should not have a problem determining what word may go with the picture. There is also a black and white version included in case you are wanting to save your colored ink!

I have also bundled this product with 2 other center games. Purchasing the bundle actually gives you this item for FREE!

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