End of the Year (Distance Learning Style)

The end of the school year is always my favorite! I love how we have our routines down, we have learned a ton, and then we are able to celebrate! It is filled with fun projects and events that are so special! I like to make a big deal and host several games and have fun projects during the last week! Since we are doing school digitally I have had to adapt. I thought I would share some of my end of the year must haves for distance learning!

I am putting everything into one large Point to screen share on Zoom. My co-teacher will manage the questions and hands while I manage the PowerPoint. I used backgrounds I got from Callie Danielle’s Happy Pack and they make the whole presentation so cute! It is only $5 a month and is totally worth it (I AM OBSESSED!!).

This is the slide they will see as they log into Zoom.
Background from Callie Danielle

Digital Memory Book: I love having my students put together a memory book at the end of the year! It is a great keepsake for them. Typically I pair this with a portfolio but the bulk of our work is done the last quarter of school (current day quarantine). I created this memory book as a digital alternative. Simply upload to Google Classroom, or whatever platform you use, and share so your students can edit their own copies! They can type in their answers! They can also print it out if they prefer a paper copy!

Slideshow: Cue the waterworks. I love looking back at pictures from the year and seeing how my students were BABIES and then all of a sudden they have aged a ton (in a good way!!) I try my best to take pictures throughout the year, not a strength of mine, and put together a slideshow in iMovie. I pair it with a song or two that we loved that year!! This year’s song is “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” My students are Disney/Pixar obsessed and I cannot wait to see their reactions, or should I say the parents reactions…. The parents always LOVE the slideshow! I will upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video so parents can share the link to loved ones, a parent who could come, or just keep it! I so wish I could share my slideshow with you all, but obviously I cant.

Awards: These are not your typical awards. I like to focus on character qualities and things that make the students them! Last year was my first year having the kids vote on which award their classmates received and it was a huge hit! To adapt it to present day I created a quick form and then the kids submitted their votes. I used this pack this year (it’s free on TPT!!) This is another great pack (also FREE)! This year I mailed the certificates with a little confetti (sorry parents) to the students and they will open it at our Zoom Awards!

Guess Who – Baby Edition: This is a new game for this year! I asked the parents to email me a photo of their child as a baby and put it together in a slideshow. I am going to have them guess who each baby is and have some fun with it! My co-teacher and I also contributed our baby pictures!! I think it will be a lot of fun!

Mrs. L as a baby!

I hope these ideas were helpful as you come up with some ideas for the end of the school year! I cant’ believe we have done a whole quarter online! It is bittersweet ending the year like this, but I am grateful for the technology we have to still do some of my favorite activities!

I end our presentation with this adorable slide!
Background from Callie Danielle

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