Top 10 Amazon Teacher Purchases

  1. Laminator – a must have for any teacher! I know many schools provide large laminators, however I often find that it pulls apart. My personal laminator has been way more durable!
  2. Paper cutter – like a fool, I waited to purchase this going into my second year of teaching. If you are going to be a teacher and can only buy one thing pick this! We have so many things to cut (especially primary grades) and this saves your thumb from aching!
  3. Door bell – weird but super effective for getting student’s attention. This is my signal each morning for the kids to come to the carpet for morning meeting.
  4. Sticky clips – GAME CHANGER especially if you do not have much bulletin board space. These stick to cinderblock and are removable and re-stickable.
  5. Carpet markers – my kindergarteners starting ripping up my rug we sat on for whole group time. I transitioned to these and they are amazing. They stick firmly on the carpet in my classroom and the best part is that the kiddos cannot lift them up at all.
  6. Clear pockets with binder holes – Okay, so I keep all my third grade science and social studies units in their respective binders. I had had the problem with task cards and vocabulary cards falling out of the inside pocket until I found these. These are amazing! Just slip one in your binder rings and store all your vocabulary cards or task cards without them falling out!
  7. Heavy duty pencil sharpener – let’s be real, we sharpen 100s of pencils a week. You need a heavy duty sharper so you don’t have to walk to the office/resource room/where ever your school pencil sharper is. This one is great and has lasted me a few years!
  8. “Teacher Toolbox” – If you have ever searched for teacher organization on Pinterest you’ve seen this, it’s a classic for a reason! It’s a great way to store all those little office supplies! TPT has tons of great labels. No joke I have purchased 4 different versions of these! This year I switched it up with this FREE one on TPT!
  9. Dry erase pocket sheet protectors – These were a game changer when I first found them. I like whiteboards, but these are something else! You can print off any sheet and stick it in there for the kids to write on with dry erase marker. I would primarily use these for station work or game recording sheets. You also save paper 🙂
  10. Photo Case Storage Box – These are great for storing those amazing large station packs primary teachers will inevitably purchase on TPT! I like the clear sets over the colored sets but both are amazing! Look out at craft-stores for these too!

What are some of your teacher must haves?

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