Distance Learning Tips

I am a solid 8 weeks into distance teaching and we still have 3 and a half weeks left!!! It’s crazy to believe that our whole 4th quarter (and then some) has been remote. Despite this time being so unideal I am grateful for the way it has helped me to grow in how I use technology in the classroom. Today I thought I would share some technology related distance learning tips with you all!

Keep in mind that I do teach two grade levels: kindergarten (math) and third grade (social studies and science).

Educreations App for iPad – Okay, so Lauren introduced this app to me and I am forever grateful! I’ve been able to use this app when I teach math lessons to my kindergarteners. I am able to take a picture of our math worksheet and work through it with them. Best of all – it records anything I say! It has been so helpful! You can also use it as a typical whiteboard.

Brain Pop – Brain Pop videos have been LIFE! They also are offering FREE accounts during this time! My students are obsessed with Brain Pop videos and I basically have one for every single social studies or science lesson.

Google Forms!!! – Google Forms are just great in general. I would use them to poll parents for certain events or to get some feedback. During the pandemic I have been using them as my assignments for every single worksheet/quiz we would typically have. Not only does it provide them with instant feedback it is also way easier than having the parents take pictures and send it to you. I will do another blog post later about some Google Form tips and tricks.

Zoom/Google Meet for Morning Meetings – Let me be the first to say I am not a fan of video chatting and when we were discussing teaching live over Zoom I was not stoked. My third grade co-teachers and I have been hosting daily Zoom morning meetings and they have been amazing! We keep it simple and really try and use this time to continue to build connection and have fun (no academics…gasp!) Here’s what our schedule looks like:

  • Prayer (I teach at a Christian School)
  • Opening question – We try and keep it fun and silly 🙂
  • We quickly go over the assignments for the day
  • Game/Activity – This has been the best part! We’ve done scavenger hunts, would you rather, never have I ever, Trivia, GoNoodle, dance parties, show and tell, and so many other fun things!
  • Last little bit to chat (aka chaos).

On teacher appreciation day I got a sweet card from a student telling me how much she has loved seeing her classmates! It is so worth all the technology hiccups and love/hate relationship with Zoom. I would highly recommend! They miss their friends and I learned that most of them don’t even have each other’s numbers!

Comment with what technology you have loved using during this time!

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