CVC Matching Game

One of the most challenging parts about being a primary teacher is having engaging materials for my students to interact with. In my first year teaching kindergarten I had no clue what to do and found myself running to my co-teacher and TPT for all the help! One of my students’ favorite games was memory games or matching games…they loved them! I created this set of matching games using CVC words with all the vowels as middle letters. They are easy prep and can be used in literacy stations or as informal assessment. The beauty of this activity is that it can be used in a group or with an individual student! I hope these games are useful for you and that your students love them!

Each vowel has cards with graphics, purchased from Educlips, and matching words. I offer a color and black and white set.

You will have a page with 6 boxes to print. I suggest printing on cardstock paper so students cannot see through the cards and of course LAMINATE them!
The black and white versions still offer detailed images. I use the colored versions because I have HP Insta Ink and don’t really pay for ink! If you haven’t heard of it and you are a teacher – run to it!! You select an amount of pages you would like to be your printing allowance each week. I pick 500 during the first few months of school then dial it back to 100. HP will automatically send you ink when you are running low! All you will need to provide is the paper and have a HP printer (I got the cheapest one for $50). I’ve had it for over 3 years and LOVE it! Click on the button below for my referral link if you are interested! You will get a free month of ink and I will :).

Each pack also includes a recording sheet in case you would like your students to write out the words they match.

I hope this product is helpful to you! Stay tuned for more CVC literacy stations coming soon!


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