Schools “Out”

Last week we officially got the call that all Oregon schools would be closed for the rest of the school year. I honestly expected this call but was dreading it. We had already had three weeks of distance learning and I was over it – learning that we would have ten more weeks of it was not ideal. This week my focus is on having a good attitude regardless of this circumstance. I have appreciated the teacher Instagram community so much last week and this week. People are focusing on spreading positivity and having fun regardless of what we are all going for. It’s encouraging hearing about what people are doing to have fun during this time! Some of my favorite mood lifters have been:

  1. Callie Danielle’s Procreate Tutorials
  2. AlatteLearning and her crew listening to Taylor Swift Albums
  3. Teach Create Motivate’s new FREE digital teacher journal

These have been helpful for me in keeping some fun and positivity in my days! Check out these awesome ladies! I am so grateful to get to benefit from their talent, fun, and positivity.

Hang in there! YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS!!

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