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3 Engaging Ideas to Use With Alphabet Slides

One of the first literacy skills kids learn is how to identify the letters of the alphabet. As a primary teacher it is important to reinforce these skills frequently AND have fun activities to lead your students through! I love using these alphabet slides to introduce the alphabet and take it one step further. The […]

Pros & Cons to Distance Learning

Hi all! It’s been a minute since I’ve been on here and wanted to give a quick update on how distance learning has been going! There are pros and cons to this whole thing which I have come to realize! Here are a lists of my pros AND cons to distance learning! (I have also […]

5 Ways to Build YOUR Classroom Library

Building your classroom library can be VERY overwhelming and is something that will take time!! When I got hired for my first teaching job EVER I had ZERO books and walked into a classroom with 20 books (most of them were not very interesting). Over the four months of my first teaching job I did […]